11 reasons to get to this year’s Birmingham Coffee Festival

7th 8th 9th June 2019 | Custard Factory | Digbeth

1. You get unlimited free coffee!

We could just stop here! Spend a few hours indulging your senses in the best of Birmingham’s coffee scene. Get your usual, or experiment with something new. All of our exhibitors will be giving away free samples of their products.


2. Watch the masters in action!

This year for the first time we will have a live stage in partnership with Victoria Arduino. Watch the experts create the perfect Flat White, master latte art, and impress you with their passion and skill.


3. Live music will be on all weekend!

With a coffee (or two) in hand, enjoy some of our local musical talent. A wide range of genres and artists will be showcasing their best. We must admit, they help make a pretty amazing atmosphere.

Birmingham Coffee Festival 2018 LR 116.J
Birmingham Coffee Festival 2018 LR 29.JP
Birmingham Coffee Festival 2018 LR 80.JP

4. Musicians will be busking for charity!

What’s better than supporting local artists? Local artists, supporting the local community! Our musicians will be donating all contributions to ‘The Black Country Kitchen’ - a soup kitchen helping vulnerable individuals and families in crisis.

5. Street Food… and more food!

Once you’re all caffeined up, keep those taste buds going with some delicious grub. We are turning it up this year with an even broader, more tasty range of food options – we aim to keep the foodies happy... very, very happy.


6. Shopping (yes, you can even shop at a coffee festival!)

Buy everything from your next machine to your new favourite roast. Cups, tools and tasty treats are ready and waiting.


7. Plant based alternatives 

The dairy-free milk industry is growing… and we want to give you options. You shouldn’t have to miss out or compromise on taste because of your dietary needs or preferences. We believe a gorgeous coffee can be plant based! Coconut, almond, oat, soya milk and more… we’ll sort you out!

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Birmingham Coffee Festival 2018 LR 22.JP

8. Try out the best machinery in the business!

Looking for a new toy? For work, home or your café? The best machines in the game will be on show, from the iconic Black Eagle to the latest offerings from Sanremo and Sage. A great opportunity to see them in action, try them out and come with your questions and queries.


9. A day for the whole family!

We aren’t afraid of kids! We welcome them. Babyccinos on tap, a bakery workshop, free games and activities. We want EVERYONE to have a good time. Better still, kids 12 and under are free (but tell them to bring a grown up with them!).


10. Support independent Birmingham businesses!

We love this city, and we believe it has A LOT to offer. Get around the people that help make this city great - local people, running local businesses. You will leave with a new-found appreciation for what we have!


11. Finish the day off with a coffee cocktail!

What's a coffee festival without a coffee cocktail?! Cheers to the weekend with a sweet, dark, Espresso Martini. We will also be pouring gin, yummy liquors and delicious affogatos.